Reelcraft and mdi
Reelcraft and mdi

Reelcraft hose reels, cord reels and cable reels are as durable and reliable as the workers who use them. Reelcraft offers a complete line of spring-driven, motor driven and hand crank hose, cord and cable reels. As the leading global leading manufacturer of hose reels, cord reels and cable reels, Reelcraft is sure to have a reel to perfectly suite your needs. Their key focus is to produce durable, quality products that make hoses, cords and cables more productive, keep them easily accessible and build them to last.

Reelcraft manufactures over twenty five hundred models of heavy-duty hose, cord and cable reels to meet the demands of multiple applications. Whether your industry is fire and rescue, aviation, manufacturing, welding, marine, fuel delivery, farming, or many others, you demand quality and durability in your equipment – and Reelcraft delivers.

mdi has partnered with Reelcraft to deliver hose reels to fit the needs of industry professionals. At mdi, we understand that having someone on the other end of the phone who knows what you’re talking about can make all the difference. That’s why our sales staff is knowledgeable, passionate, and highly trained to help you find the right reel to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on our working knowledge of the products we sell, participating in training sessions and hands-on product demonstrations. For the best customer service experience in buying a Reelcraft reel, call mdi!

Call us TODAY at 727-835-0661 or Toll Free at 800-761-4298.
Contact our experienced sales staff who will gladly assist you with your Reelcraft reel needs.

Call us TODAY at 727-835-0661 or Toll Free at 800-761-4298.
Contact our experienced sales staff who will gladly assist you with your Reelcraft reel needs.

Reelcraft Reels from mdi

New Reels

LC Series Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft LC Series: Value Series Stainless Steel Hose Reels

Reelcraft’s new value series stainless steel hose reels are developed for light-duty, spring-driven hose reel applications in corrosive or sanitary environments. Designed for stationary indoor and outdoor use, these reels can be attached to most surfaces that can be drilled.

Retail Installation Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Retail Installation Reels: White hose, cord or cable reels

All Reelcraft reels are individually powder coated with our TGIC FREE bright red paint on standard models. Reels for applications such as retail outlets, garden centers, dock areas, etc. may require a reel that better blends into the surrounding environment. For these types of applications, our reels for retail installations painted white are ideal. The neutral color allows for the reels to blend better with the walls or ceiling used for mounting. Reelcraft also offers many other special order colors and will gladly paint any color of your choosing.

Twin Pack Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Twin Pack Reels: Air / Water & Electric

Reelcraft now offers its most popular hose and cord reel models as a convenient package. Reelcraft twin packs are ideal for customers looking to outfit a bench/work station with both power/lighting and pneumatics. It is now even easier to order with only one part number, one price and combine on shipping. Other model combinations are available upon request.

V Series from Reelcraft

Reelcraft V Series: Exhaust Hose Reels

Reelcraft’s exhaust reels conveniently store lengths of large diameter exhaust hose. Designed to divert hazardous carbon monoxide gasses away from the workplace, these industrious reels are spring retractable and feature a latching mechanism that maintains the desired working length of hose.

RT Side Mount Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft RT Series: Side-Mounted Hose Reels

Reelcraft has modified the popular Series RT hose reel, enabling the reel to be mounted on its side, making it ideal for mounting in cabinets and other tight spaces. The standard base is replaced by an equally heavy duty side mount plate. The stainless torsion spring and latch are mounted on the arm for ease of access and to eliminate the possibility of latch out at full extension. The guide arm is easily moved to one of six positions, using only standard tools.

PAV Series from Reelcraft

Reelcraft PAV Series: Pavement Breaker Hose Reels

Keep hose out of harm’s way while on the job site with the new Series PAV hose reels from Reelcraft. These industrious hose reels are designed to supply pavement breakers with up to 75’ of 3/4” rubber air hose. The special braided hose is abrasion resistant and features a 3/4” universal air coupling for quick and easy disconnects. These hose reels feature a high level of corrosion resistance due to an individual component powder coating process that takes place prior to assembly.

RT Series Nitrogen Dispensing Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft RT Series: Nitrogen Hose Reels

Reelcraft recognizes the growing demand for nitrogen tire inflation and proudly offers our new model, RT650-OLPG designed specifically for dispensing nitrogen gas. The hose reel is available in red, black, or green and is equipped with 50 feet of green 3/8” I.D. hose. The special green nitrogen hose differentiates the reel from other air hose reels, water hose reels and oil hose reels that may be located in the same vicinity. Reelcraft’s resilient powder coat finish keeps the reel looking new through years of use.

7000 Series Clean Air Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft 7000 Series: Clean Air Hose Reels

Our Series 7000 air hose reel is now available as a safe and efficient respitory component. It features strength and reliability as with every other Series 7000 air hose reel, and in addition the fluid path is non-corrosive stainless steel. When properly installed, Reelcraft’s 7800 OLB21 clean air hose reel is designed to reduce the operator’s burden of managing long lengths of hose. When the reel is not in use, expensive respitory hoses are stored up and out of harms way.

Garden Center Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Garden Center Reels: Series 7000 / 80000

These reels are designed to be mounted centrally and used for watering and washdown. They offer longer lengths of larger I.D. hose, are spring driven, and come equipped with garden hose end fittings (designated by an NH). Most featured models* include hose, bumper and inlet hose, providing a reel solution out of the box.

Pavement Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Pavement Reels: Series 4000 / 7000 / D8000 / 30000 / 80000

An ideal reel for short lengths of release agent hose and on-board equipment. The pavement hose reel incorporates contemporary engineering and manufacturing techniques to give trouble-free performance. Reels are all-steel constructed and compact for applications with critical space requirements. All Reelcraft hose reels have a full flow shaft and swivel to assure maximum product delivery.

CTJ Series from Reelcraft

Reelcraft CTJ Series: Medium Duty Hand Crank Jetter Reels

Reelcraft’s Series CTJ hose reels are designed for medium duty applications that require longer lengths of high pressure air and water hose. Hand crank with a balanced brass swivel and brass inlet, the Series CTJ is the product of lighter weight components and forward-thinking design.

37000 Series from Reelcraft

Reelcraft 37000 Series: Reels for Demanding Applications

Reelcraft has taken the already extensively field tested Series 30000 design and modified it for even better performance in demanding applications requiring longer lengths of 1” I.D. hose. The new design helps to eliminate bearing misalignment due to heavy loads in high vibration mobile applications.

HC80000 Series from Reelcraft

Reelcraft HC80000 Series: Heavy Duty Hand Crank Hose Reels

Series HC80000 reels are recommended for industrial applications requiring longer lengths of larger I.D. hose. An aluminum casting provides excellent support even in demanding applications, while reducing overall weight significantly. These reels are exceptional in industrial and truck mount applications.

L4000 Series Packages from Reelcraft

Reelcraft L4000 Series Packages: Cord Reels with Swing Bracket

This new package from Reelcraft pairs our heavy industrial cord reels, the Series L 4000, with an accessory swing bracket. The result is a more efficient way to supply power and lighting. Reels may be installed in a central location and pay out cord in a 180° arc from the mounting point. Both the reel and bracket are made from high grade industrial steel and receive our durable powder coat paint.

LS 5000 Series from Reelcraft

Reelcraft LS 5000 Series: Stainless Steel Cord Reels

Designed for medical applications where sanitary conditions are of a major concern, Reelcraft’s new LS 5415 123 3M incorporates 304L grade stainless steel and a medical grade cord assembly. Its unique construction also makes this reel well suited for pharmaceutical applications, food processing and much more. Reels include 4-5’ pigtail, multi-positional guide arm and cord stop.

Reelcraft Products

Spring Driven Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Spring Rewind Hose Reels

A wide range of spring retractable hose reels for many applications.

Nordic Reels Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Nordic Large Frame Reels

Rugged and durable, gear-drive, crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive are powered by electric motor.

Fuel Hose Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Fuel Hose Reels

Hose reels for low pressure applications. Equipped with fuel-grade hose.

Twin Hydraulic Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Twin Hydraulic Hose Reels

Medium pressure hose reels for operating hydraulic cylinders, motors or tools.

Hand Crank and Motor Driven Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Hand Crank/Motor Driven Hose Reels

Hand Crank, bevel crank, gear drive, chain drive, air motor and electric motor driven hose reels.

Stainless Steel Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Stainless Steel Reels

Full line of stainless steel reels for low and medium pressure applications.

Welding Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Welding Reels

A wide range of welding reels for use with hose, cord, oxygen/acetylene and welding cable.

Power and Light Cord Reels from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Power and Light Cord Reels

Cord reels for indoor, non weather-tight applications.

Tool Balancers from Reelcraft

Reelcraft Tool Balancers

Balances the weight of assembly tools, making them nearly weightless. A Reelcraft Tool Balancers reduces operator fatigue, improves user safety, increases productivity and reduces tool damage by preventing tools from being dropped.

Reelcraft Specialty Products / Accessories

Hose Guide Assemblies, Hose Bumpers, Motors and more.