C Series

Water / Air / Oil / Lube/ATF Hose Reels

Spring Retractable

C Series Water / Air / Oil / Lube/ATF Hose Reels from Hosetract


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Model Weight (lb) Hose ID (in) Hose OD (in) Hose Length (ft) Pressure (PSI) Inlet (in) Outlet (in) Hose Included Max Temperature °F Rewind Type Fluid Quick Ship
LC 370543/8 703001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
LC 350503/8 503001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
LC 340493/8 403001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
LC 540531/2 403001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
LC 550571/2 503001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
LC 300463/8  10001/2 FTP no200Spring RetractableWater
LC 500461/2  10001/2 FTP no200Spring RetractableWater
MC 340563/8 4025001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
MC 350583/8 5025001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
MC 530561/2 3025001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
MC 540581/2 4025001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
MC 550611/2 5025001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableWater
HC 350623/8 5040001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableLube/ATF
HC 340583/8 4040001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableLube/ATF
MC 300473/8  40001/2 FTP no200Spring RetractableWater
HC 330563/8 3040001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableLube/ATF
MC 500471/2  40001/2 FTP no200Spring RetractableWater
HC 240561/4 4050001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableLube/ATF
HC 250591/4 5050001/2 FTP yes200Spring RetractableLube/ATF
HC 300463/8  80001/2 FTP no200Spring RetractableLube/ATF
HC 200461/4  80001/2 FTP no200Spring RetractableLube/ATF


Reels shipped standard (sf) hose payout position. For ceiling mount add suffix "sc".
Mounting Slots 1/2" wide x 3/4" deep for max 7/16" dia. bolt.
Available in Powder Coat or (304) Stainless Steel.

LC - Low Pressure Reels for plant maintenance, service trucks and other industrial applications where hose storage is necessary. Standard hose for air, water, and water based solutions. Other hoses available upon request.

MC - Medium Pressure Reels for higher pressures of air, water, or heavier oils. Standard 1-wire braid hose furnished.

HC - High Pressure Reels are used exclusively where grease is being applied as in lube applications for off-road service or garage lube systems. Standard 2-wire braid hose furnished.


Dimensions for C Series Reels from Hosetract

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Model (in.) A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) D (in.) E (in.)
HC 2006 1/231818 3/45
HC 2406 1/231818 3/45
HC 2506 1/231818 3/45
HC 3006 1/231818 3/45
HC 3306 1/231818 3/45
HC 3406 1/231818 3/45
HC 3506 1/231818 3/45
LC 3006 1/231818 3/45
LC 3406 1/231818 3/45
LC 3506 1/231818 3/45
LC 3706 1/231818 3/45
LC 5006 1/231818 3/45
LC 5406 1/231818 3/45
LC 5506 1/231818 3/45
MC 3006 1/231818 3/45
MC 3406 1/231818 3/45
MC 3506 1/231818 3/45
MC 5006 1/231818 3/45
MC 5306 1/231818 3/45
MC 5406 1/231818 3/45
MC 5506 1/231818 3/45

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